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CMDB Committees for 2008-2009

This Roster lists the CMDB Committee memberships for the academic year 2008-2009 with the exception of two committees. These are the the Written Portion of the Qualifying Exam Committee and the CMDB 257 Seminar Committee which both have responsibilities that need to be initiated in Spring of 2009 but whose outcome is presented in the 2009 Fall quarter.The CMDB GSA has appointed the Student assignments to the Committees.


Peter Atkinson

Graduate Advisors

Dmitri Maslov (incoming)
Morris Maduro (continuing)

Executive Committee

Peter Atkinson (Chair)
Jeffrey Bachant (3 yrs)
Isgouhi Kaloshian (2 yrs)
Wilfred Chen (2 yrs)
Monica Carson (1 yr)
Morris Maduro (Grad Advisor)
Dimitri Maslov (Grad Advisor)
Melissa Owraghi (Student representative)

Student Admissions Committee

Dimitri Maslov (Chair)
Peter Atkinson
Harley Smith
Amandeep Kahlon

Membership Committee

Brad Hyman (Chair)
Michael Pirrung
Connie Nugent

Written Qualifying Exam Committee
(Exams to be administered in September 2009).

Morris Maduro (Chair)
Committee to be formed


CMDB257 Seminar Committee for Fall 2009

Howard Judelson (Chair)
Manuela Martins-Green
Hailing Jin
Anand Ray
Tatsinda Spears
Stephanie Turner
Nomiki Kolettis

Recruitment Friday Committee

Dimitri Maslov (Chair)
Thomas Eulgem
Stephen DesLauriers
Vanessa Small
Jungah Min
Isha Wallace

Spring 2009 Research Symposium Committee

Doug Ethell
Peter Atkinson (Plenary Speaker selection).
Hovik Gasparyan
Serena Cervantes
Linda Robles

CMDB Graduate Student Mentors

Tiffany Satoorian
Lakshmi Cella
Karthi Chellappa

CMDB Entertainment Committee

Doug Chung
Payal Biswas
Jaclyn Zhou
Yu-jer Hwang
Isha Wallace
Sabrina Lin


James Wong (first year)
Nomiki Kolettis (2nd year)
Sabrina Lin      (years 3+)
Lauren Fernandez (years 3+)
Brian Gadd  (years 3+)

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